Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation launches major children health initiative in 20 government schools of Lahore

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation launches major Children health initiative in 20 Government Schools of Lahore

The availability of clean drinking water and well-maintained washrooms is indicative of a healthy lifestyle, and it is crucial to prioritize these amenities in schools, especially for children.
According to the 2023 report published by the United Nations, 33 percent of children in schools around the world are deprived of clean drinking water. According to the report, one in three schools worldwide lacks basic sanitation (i.e., toilets and sewage systems), while nearly half of schools lack handwashing facilities with water and soap.
If the public educational institutions of Pakistan are examined, clean drinking water, poor sewage system, lack of sanitation are among the main problems that directly affect the health of children.

By the way, Punjab is the most developed province of Pakistan, but even in this province, no adequate attention is paid to solving the problems of sanitation, clean drinking water and sewage in public schools.
Our children are our future, but if serious measures are not taken regarding the health of these children, it is sad to say that both the future of these children and the development of Pakistan will be affected.
Clean drinking water is not available in around 200 government schools of Lahore and male and female students are forced to drink unhealthy water due to which the children suffer from various diseases including jaundice. Whereas, best washroom facilities are not available in the school which disturbs children a lot.

The students of the schools say that there is moss and rust in the tanks and pipelines installed in the schools, which makes water unusable, whereas, there is no arrangement for cleaning water tanks installed in the schools. Children are forced to use very poor and polluted water.
The previous governments made promises to provide clean drinking water and washrooms facilities in public schools, the governments changed over the years, but no plan to provide clean drinking water in public schools could be accomplished.
Through his foundation, Abdul Aleem Khan has ensured the installation of water filtration plants and construction of new washrooms to supply clean drinking water to 20 government schools in Lahore.
Abdul Aleem Khan did what he said and proved to be a ray of hope for children studying in government schools in Lahore. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation installed water filtration plants and constructed clean washrooms in 20 government schools of Lahore with the aim of providing students with opportunities for education in a healthy environment.

This project includes schools such as City District Government Boys High School, City District Government Boys High School Baghbanpura, City District Government Girls High School Railway Colony, City District Government Master Ghulam Muhammad High School, Government Abul Khair Girls Middle School Garhi Shahu, Government Girls High School Baja Line, Government Gulshan Junior Model School Jamilabad, Government High School Tizab Ahata, Government High School Usmanabad, Govt Iqbal High School Garhi Shahu, Govt Islamia High School Mughalpura, Govt Lady Griffin School, Govt Milat High School (Boys) Mughalpura Govt Muslim Girls High School Dryport School, Govt Muslim High School Baghbanpura, Govt Muslim League High School, Govt New Islamia Girls Primary School Garhi Shahu, Government Primary Alam Model High School, Government Primary School Jaya Musa Shahdara, PR Boys High School Hope Road, PR Girls High School Mughalpura, St Andrew High School.

It is a great initiative of Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation to provide education opportunities to children in a healthy environment. On behalf of Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, the installation of water filtration plants and construction of new washrooms in the government schools has been completed, while the installation and construction process are ongoing in the rest of the government schools.

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is not only installing water filtration plants in government schools, but all costs from installation to repair are borne by Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation.

All the sanitation arrangements in the new washrooms constructed in government schools will be supervised by the Abdul Aleem Foundation. With this initiative of Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, clean drinking water will be available for children in government schools.Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is the only welfare organization which works for the people belonging to every class and makes every possible effort to solve their problems.

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is doing all the work at its own expense without any financial support, which should have been done at the government level.Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation and all the services of its team for the welfare of the society are commendable. This chain of service will always continue in this manner and will further expand.