Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation transforms central jail Karachi with new hospital: A beacon of hope for Inmate’s health

Pakistan is one of the countries in the world where there are more prisoners than the capacity in prisons. Overcrowding in jails and prisons has led to a lack of health facilities, which exposes inmates to communicable diseases and lack of access to medicines and treatment for basic health needs.

Health Condition in Sindh jails: Prevalence of HIV Positive Cases
There are currently 27 prisons in Pakistan's Sindh province, out of which three are closed and 24 prisons are holding prisoners. There are more than 19,000 prisoners in the jails of which more than 4,800 are in the Central Jail Karachi.

According to the Prisons Department Report 2021 of Sindh Province of Pakistan, during the screening of prisoners in 24 prisons, 59 HIV positive cases were found in Central Jail Karachi and 80 in Malir Jail. Apart from this, according to the report, four cases were reported in Hyderabad Central Jail while two cases were reported in Nara Jail, Hyderabad, Sukkur and Larkana Jail. One case each was reported in Khairpur, Mirpur Khas and Bacha Jail Hyderabad. Thus, the number of HIV positive cases in nine jails of Sindh has reached 151. Apart from this, there are 61 TB inmates in Sindh jails.

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation's Welfare Initiatives in 36 Jails of Punjab
Prisoners are a section of society for whom, unfortunately, adequate measures are not taken at the public or private level to ensure their welfare. However, in this journey of service, the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has not abandoned the prisoners and has undertaken extensive efforts for their betterment. Possible steps have been taken. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is engaged in welfare work for prisoners in 36 jails of Punjab. Which includes items related to the hygiene of the prisoners and especially the items related to the health of women and children in prison.

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation's Contribution to Prison Renovation in Punjab
Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is also playing an effective role in the renovation of prisons and providing medical facilities in addition to hygiene items in the prisons of Punjab. Apart from this, water filtration plants have also been installed in the jails to provide clean water to the jail administration and inmates. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation also pays a lot of money for the release of prisoners with the aim of releasing the poor prisoners so that they can become a positive part of the society and contribute to the development of the country. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has crossed another milestone in this journey of service in which the Foundation is playing its role every moment for the welfare of humanity and is expanding with the passage of time. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, after serving in Punjab jails, is now engaged in playing its role for the welfare of prisoners in Central Jail Karachi.


Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation's Fulfillment of Promise: Construction of a 31-Bed Hospital in Central Jail Karachi
Abdul Aleem Khan visited the Central Jail Karachi last year and promised to build a hospital which could not be built for a long time due to non-availability of funds. Abdul Aleem Khan fulfilled his promise to the inmates of the Central Jail Karachi and built a 31-bed hospital that had not been built for a long time. From the building of the hospital to the provision of medical facilities, all the expenses were borne by the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation. Availability of all medical facilities including other essential equipment including bed sets, medicine trolley, BP apparatus, oximeter, suction machine, oxygen cylinder, wheelchairs, folding stretcher trolleys, air meters and other equipment is ensured.

Expanding Scope of Service Regardless of Color, Caste, Religion, and Politics
Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is taking effective steps to improve the lives of people irrespective of color, caste, religion and politics. This chain of service is expanding with each passing day. It is a matter of honor for Pakistan that Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is engaged in the service of people without any donor. For this act of service, the inmates of Central Jail Karachi and the administration are grateful to Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, which has taken great measures for the welfare of the inmates.