Adyala Jail Pindi


When Abdul Aleem Khan was incarcerated as a victim at the hands of his own people, he chose to improve the prisoners' conditions. He initiated various welfare initiatives during his time in jail. Upon his release by the court, he continued his welfare efforts by establishing similar programs in other jails.


AAK Foundation's contributions to prisoner’s well being

Alhamdulillah, today this series of welfare initiatives is not only limited to Kot Lakhpat Jail but has expanded to encompass 36 jails across Punjab. These correctional facilities include the Central Jail, also known as Adiala Jail Rawalpindi, where the charitable works are being conducted by the Foundation


Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation's commitment to addressing healthcare challenges

After water and food, the provision of proper healthcare facilities is crucial for human beings. It is imperative to have well-equipped hospitals that can provide the best treatment. However, prisoners, unfortunately, constitute a segment of society that often receives inadequate attention, both at the public and private levels. The prison system should prioritize the well-being of inmates, ensuring that they are rehabilitated during their sentence so that they can reintegrate into society as responsible citizens upon release. The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is committed to playing a significant role in addressing this issue. Recognizing the dire state and the necessity for a hospital in Rawalpindi Jail, the Foundation initiated renovation efforts to improve the existing government hospital within the premises. The objective is to enhance the medical facilities available to prisoners, ensuring that they receive the best possible healthcare.

Initiating healthcare programs and initiatives

A comprehensive renovation project was undertaken in the hospital. The renovation work included the installation of new tiles in the wards, the fitting of iron windows, the provision of beds, and the installation of fans to improve ventilation. The renovations took into account the specific requirements of the hospital, ensuring that necessary equipment was also provided to enhance the overall medical facilities.


Ensuring Safe Drinking Water: Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation's water filtration plants in prisons

In addition, the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation took the initiative to establish water filtration plants within the prison premises. This endeavor aimed to provide the prisoners with access to clean and safe drinking water. Access to clean drinking water not only promotes better health outcomes but also contributes to the overall well-being of the prisoners. The initiatives undertaken by the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation in this regard are commendable, as they address a fundamental requirement for a dignified and healthy living environment