September 23, 2021

Apna Ghar appreciate their students

Apna Ghar

Apna Ghar Rewarding students for their hard work inspires them to work smarter. We always believe in rewarding & appreciating our students for the efforts they put in every day to get good results.

Our girls are the pride of Apna Ghar and we try to bring out the best in them by providing them with all necessary facilities. We believe in supporting our students and guiding them so that they can choose a future of their choice.

Youth and education are inseparable. Knowledge is of utmost importance in highlighting the abilities of individuals and building character.

100% literacy is achievable and we can also do it by highlighting the importance of education and literacy. Apna Ghar is doing its part by providing free education to the underprivileged girls and we have pledged to widen this circle even more In’Sha’Allah.

The mission of Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is to facilitate the needy and deserving with education and help them achieve their dreams. Apna Ghar is established to fulfil the mission of providing underprivileged girls with such facilities.

We’re proud of our girls as they are very hardworking and talented. We are trying to bring out the best in them by providing them with all the necessary facilities.