March 28, 2022


Apna Ghar, one of the most well-known and great educational projects under the banner of The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation recently held the Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony in which Mrs. Kiran Abdul Aleem Khan was present as the Chief Guest of Honor. Brig. Khalid Bashir also graced everyone with his presence at the ceremony, upon their arrival, the school staff greeted them and the students presented Mrs. Kiran with a bouquet of flowers. The main purpose of the Annual Proclamation was to encourage good academic performance at the school and those exceptional students who had shown excellent performance in their studies throughout the year were awarded with prizes and certificates moreover Mrs. Kiran personally handed over each deserving student their rightful reward and took a picture with them. This will certainly be a great moment to recall by them in the years to come.

Distribution of Prizes

The ceremony started with Quranic Recitation and Naat. It was quite evident that the whole school staff along with students had practiced tirelessly for the big day. On this grand occasion, the female students exhibited different interesting skits and performed patriotic songs along with the young students of the lower grades had displayed a small dance performance to welcome everyone at the ceremony while there was even a cheerleading routine by the older girls. Our national heroes were commemorated with pride. Women empowerment was also celebrated with the students holding up banners of Tahira Qazi, former principal of Army Public School who was martyred in the Peshawar attack, Arfa Karim, a computer prodigy gone too soon, and even Mrs. Kiran Aleem Khan. A few girls dressed up in costumes to show their future career goals. Some were dressed as army officers, navy offers, police officers, and doctors, etc.

Student Performances

Apna Ghar believes in the talents of their students and encourages them at every step to work hard towards their aims. The students had even setup different stalls showcasing their science projects. The Chief Guest of Honor along with the other staff visited each stall. They praised the efforts of each and every student and motivated them to showcase their talents more often.

Chief Guest Visiting Stalls

Apna Ghar does not forget the people who were associated with the institute in the past; rather they are remembered even on this occasion. There was a special mention of the tragic deaths of Aasma, a graduate of the school and a former guard. Their sad demises were deeply mourned and a supplication was offered for their forgiveness. At the end of the ceremony, the Chief Guest of Honor gave a detailed speech praising the efforts of both the students and teachers. All those who were involved in the ceremony had worked brilliantly to pull off such a big event and they truly deserved a huge round of applause. We wish our girls good luck!