Apna Ghar School

Established on the belief that every girl has the right to good education, “Apna Ghar” is one of the oldest and successful projects initiated by the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation. It provides a glimmer of hope in the lives of underprivileged girls in our community. The project is truly a golden opportunity for them to live and enjoy a respectable and bright life similar to the way more privileged and fortunate girls get a chance to. They are brought up and raised to be independent and respectable members of society in the future. The school and residence for the needy female children has been constructed in a posh and secure area of Lahore where their safety is the utmost priority.

This revolutionary project was launched in 2011 and is very dear to Abdul Aleem Khan himself. He, along with his wife, Kiran Abdul Aleem Khan personally look into the matters of the school and make sure each and every individual is treated with equality and the utmost respect. Not only does this non-profit project focus on primitive educational needs, it also offers various extra-curricular activities, several forms of entertainment, personal grooming, shelter, and basic home economics skills for girls. It is the perfect place to instill confidence and communication skills in young girls to fulfill their lifelong dreams and ensure them that they can really achieve anything if they believe in themselves. They are no less than any other individual of the society.

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The education of a girl is the reformation of the whole society and hope for a better and positive time to come. We encourage our girls to share their passions on our well-built platform and we make our sincerest efforts to help them achieve their goals. Knowledge gained from books is nothing without character building. Our girls are trained to be dignified young ladies that can face any challenge that they come across. A great amount of time is given to focusing on improving their language skills, especially in English.

“Apna Ghar” envisions a bright and optimistic life for its aspiring, young female students so that they, in turn, have faith in the benefit of helping others and building a stronger nation. We focus on moving forward and shaping young, female individuals on the basis of free high-quality education and the principles of Islam. The sky is the limit, so anyone can succeed if given the right resources.           

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