Begum Naseem Khan (Memorial) Girls School was established at the location of Abdul Aleem Khan's ancestral home in Gawalmandi. Its creation serves as a tribute to his late mother. The primary objective of this initiative is to extend educational opportunities to impoverished young girls residing in the surrounding area.

Every girl deserves to receive a high-quality education

Every girl deserves to receive a high-quality education. Education is a fundamental human right that should be accessible to all individuals, without any discrimination. The significance of education is particularly crucial for young girls, as they play a vital role in shaping the future as mothers and influence the development of a child's character. Consequently, the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is actively implementing measures to guarantee that girls living in poverty within the country have the opportunity to acquire an education.

Infrastructure Facilities | Inauguration of the project

Mrs. Abdul Aleem Khan herself inaugurated this recently established project. On the occasion of the grand opening of the new school, Mrs. Abdul Aleem Khan toured various sections of the institution. The principal provided her with a detailed overview of this educational initiative. During a motivational address, Mrs. Abdul Aleem Khan encouraged the female students to strive for excellence in life and reassured them of her commitment to support them in every possible manner. We extend our best wishes to this new project.

As part of its progressive mission, this organization has launched another successful educational project. Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan, the visionary behind this organization, has established a school dedicated to empowering girls in loving memory of his late mother. The school bears the distinguished title of "Begum Naseem Khan (Memorial) Girls School" and stands proudly in Gawalmandi, occupying the very land where Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan's ancestral home once stood. This remarkable institution brings great joy to the local community, as it provides young girls with the invaluable opportunity of free education.