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Let us unite to make Pakistan a virus-free country.

The whole nation is going through a very difficult time. We need to take care of everyone in the society. Protective equipment are essential to prevent the spread of the Corona-virus. In this regard, Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is doing its utmost to help those who are in need. After

Water Filtration Plant
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Water Filtration Plant installed by AAKF

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation established its 1st water filtration plant in Nov 26, 2016. Foundation is currently operating sixty (60) plus Water Filtration Plants. In the under developed areas of Lahore. With a capacity of providing 324,000 liters of potable water per day. The foundation also ensures the quarterly lab tests of

National Women’s Day

A very Happy National Women’s Day to also all our amazing women! Let’s celebrate them by showing them gratitude. Their contributions towards our country, by empowering them and by encouraging them in every walk of life.

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Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation Hospital Inauguration at Kot Lakhpat Jail

Governor Punjab Chaudary Sarwar and Abdul Aleem khan graced the opening ceremony of the hospital and other welfare projects for the well-being of the prisoners completed by Abdul Aleem khan foundation. Abdul Aleem khan foundation has built a hospital, installed water filtration plants, renovated barracks and washrooms etc. The foundation

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Patrons Committee Members meeting at Rising Sun Institute

Patrons committee meeting held at Rising Sun Institute Defense campus. Rising Sun is a school for special children. Over here. Special children are given educational & training facilities to enhance. Their capabilities and rehabilitate them in society. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation constructed Hydrotherapy Swimming Pool and a Speech Therapy Department

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Apna Ghar | Girls Guide Association

We want to bring out the best in Apna Ghar girls. By the efforts of Mrs. Aleem Khan, and Mrs. Perveen Sarwar, the Apna Ghar girls, will now be included in Girls Guide Association. Through this, the Girls will be able to take up the profession of teaching or nursing

Abdul Aleem Khan Visited Kot Lakhpat Jail
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It is generally argued that the Pakistan, has a small social welfare system compared to other nations, and far more poverty. Contrary to conventional wisdom, however. Is Pakistan a Laggard or Leader? In other words, “Welfare state programs are quite large in the United States. About Kot Lakh Pat Central