Central Jail Karachi

The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is committed to serving humanity and improving the lives of people, transcending barriers of color, caste, religion, and politics.

Overcrowded prisons in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the number of prisoners exceeds the capacity of the prisons, leading to numerous challenges, including a lack of health facilities. This dire situation exposes inmates to communicable diseases and deprives them of access to essential medical care and treatment for their basic health needs. In Sindh province alone, there are currently 24 operational prisons holding more than 19,000 prisoners, with Central Jail Karachi accommodating over 4,800 of them.

AAKF transforming the lives of neglected prisoners through dedicated initiatives

Sadly, prisoners are often neglected, and their well-being is not adequately addressed at the public or private level. However, the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has taken on the responsibility of addressing this issue by implementing various initiatives for the welfare of prisoners. The foundation has contributed to the renovation of prisons, installation of water filtration plants, and the provision of medical facilities in Punjab's jails.

Construction of 31 bed hospital in Central Jail Karachi

One noteworthy accomplishment of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is the construction of a 31-bed hospital in Central Jail Karachi. Previously, due to the lack of funds, the hospital had remained unbuilt for an extended period. However, the foundation fulfilled its promise to the inmates and took the initiative to construct the hospital, covering all the expenses. The hospital is equipped with essential medical facilities and equipment, ensuring that the inmates receive proper healthcare and support.