October 13, 2021

Clean Drinking Water for Peoples

Clean Drinking Water

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has installed more than 85 water filtration plants to meet this basic need. Which provides about 6000 liters of clean drinking water daily.

About 80% of Lahore’s population does not have access to clean drinking water.

Everyone needs clean drinking water to stay healthy. The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is playing its full role through its water filtration plants keeping this need in mind.

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has introduced 60+ most recent and global standard water filtration plants in the most oppressed territories of Lahore. With a limit of giving 324000 litres clean water every day. These filtration plants are also cleaned each day. And separated from yearly support.

The foundation additionally guarantees the quarterly lab trial of the water tests of these plants. Such measures recognize these filtration plants from the ones introduced by the administration and guarantee the accessibility of clean water for a great many individuals.

Safe and healthy water is a need of each resident yet tragically in Pakistan. An oppressed individual can’t manage the cost of filtered water, it is also an incredible test for them to get unadulterated drinking water. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is also having its influence in handling this test.