April 5, 2022

Clean Drinking Water for Sheikhupura

Clean Drinking Water

The gift of Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation to the needy people solved the problem of clean drinking water in Sheikhupura. The modern water filtration plant will not only benefit the locals. But also provide clean drinking water to girls and boys school children.

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation in the forefront of public service, modern water filtration plants were installed for the availability of Drinking water on which the people of the area are not only happy but also very grateful to the Foundation.

Water is life and clean water is means health. Everyone must save water for a green and healthy future and must use it wisely as needed. Let us pledge to make every effort to save water for future generations.

The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, a trusted public service organization, stands by the people in every difficult time. Keeping in view the unavailability of clean water, the foundation has installed a modern water filtration plant in Mian Mir area of ​​Lahore from which people are getting thousands of gallons of clean drinking water. Listen to the words of a resident.