December 14, 2020

Clean drinking water is everyone’s right

Clean Drinking Water

Over 21% of the total deaths in the world are due to water-related illnesses. Clean and pure drinking water is everyone’s right. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is providing thousands of litter of clean water with over 60 water filtration plants. A small step for a big change, a step to reduce water-related illnesses.

Right now, around 56% of individuals in Pakistan approach safe drinking water. While 30% of sicknesses and 40% of passings are connected to messy water. The gap is likewise distinct among provincial and metropolitan populaces; up to 70% of rustic Pakistan has no admittance to clean water.

Pakistan is a water-focused on the nation and is approaching the limit of water shortage. Admittance to safe savouring water country and metropolitan zones is a major test.

The World Bank recently dispatched ‘Pakistan @ 100’ report indicated that solitary 36% of the populace approaching securely oversaw drinking water.

As indicated by the public authority of Pakistan Economic review (2008) in Pakistan almost 50 million people need accessibility of Safe drinking water.

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has also become the largest provider of clean drinking water in Pakistan.

The future looks bright, but millions still lack clean water and decent over 17 million people still have no choice but to drink dirty water.