January 5, 2022

Clean Drinking Water is the base of life

Clean Drinking Water

Clean Drinking Water is the base of life. It is as essential to life as oxygen but unfortunately, instead of appreciating the value of this resource. We consume it ruthlessly. If life on earth is to survive, we must use water carefully.

Clean water is the world’s first and most important medicine without which life on earth is impossible. Abdul Aleem Khan strives that no citizen should be deprived of this basic need. This is why, so far more than 87 free water filtration plants have been installed in different areas of Lahore.

bdul Aleem Khan Foundation Free Water Filtration Plants; water samples are tested every three months by reputable laboratories to keep the water in line with the proposed health standards.

water is essential for good health. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is providing about 600,000 litres of clean drinking water daily through more than 85 water filtration plants.

About 80% of Lahore’s population does not have access to water. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has installed more than 85 water filtration plants to meet this basic need which provides about 6000 liters of clean drinking water daily.

Life on earth is impossible without water. We must all act responsibly while using it. It should not be wasted. You save the water, it saves your future generations.