Welfare Activities District Jail, Multan

Islam is the complete code of life and preaches that serving humanity is the highest form of worship of Allah Almighty. It also teaches us about the importance of the rights of prisoners. In fact, a lot of focus has been given to the deserved privileges of these prisoners so that they become responsible citizens of society after they are granted freedom. Abdul Aleem Khan foundation has done many welfare activities in District Jail, Multan

water filtration plant
new fan installations


Welfare Facilities

Installation & Maintenance of New Fans & Water Filtration Plants

The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is striving to provide high-quality healthcare facilities as well as comfortable amenities to the prisoners. Just as all the other prisons of the Punjab province, the Central Jail, Multan is being renovated and refurbished for the welfare of the respective prisoners that are being held captive there. These innovative activities include the installation of 500 new fans in the jail to overcome the intensity of the hot weather. Also, for the facilitation of pure drinking water, we reconstructed the already present water filtration plants. Moreover, Keeping health and sanitation in mind, we took part in the construction of twelve new washrooms. 


Furthermore, we examined the condition of the existing government hospital in the jail, updated the healthcare facilities as well as provided new mattresses for the wards. In addition, For the creation of a clean and green environment, various types of flowers were planted in the garden. It also enhances the beauty of the place. Similarly, we even examined the disorderly condition of the kitchen. Therefore, the kichen was renovated and new supplies were also provided according to the requirements.

healthcare facility renovation
plantation works
infrastructure upgrade
infrastructure upgrade

Other than that, new hygiene products that are worth hundred of thousands of rupees are supplied to the jail after every two months and cash is also provided to fulfill the needs of the prisoners. In short, the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is making fruitful efforts for the betterment of Central Jail, Multan.

Our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) preached the

rights of the prisoners and stated that it was necessary to treat them with kindness. Their basic facilities should be taken care of, such as health, treatment, and hygiene, etc. The non-profit organization also respects the rights of the prisoners according to the teachings of Islam as we believe that we should hate the crime, not the person who commits it.”

Welfare Updates