Establishment of free dispensary in Swami Nagar Lahore: A humanitarian initiative by Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation

One of the most crucial needs in life is good health. Being healthy and fit is essential for leading a happy life. According to a joint report by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank in 2023, approximately 2 billion people worldwide lack access to essential medical care facilities, and they face significant challenges due to financial constraints.

Pakistan is a densely populated country with a population of over 230 million. Similar to other developing nations, it has been grappling with various challenges for decades. These challenges include limited financial resources, political instability, an inadequate health infrastructure, ineffective health policies, and a lack of public awareness regarding health issues.

Pakistan struggles to provide basic health facilities to its citizens
According to the United Nations Charter, all countries are obligated to allocate 5% of their GDP to the health sector. However, Pakistan only allocates 2% of its GDP to the health sector. As a result, it is extremely challenging for the average person in Pakistan to access basic health facilities due to the significantly low budget allocation in the health sector.
Access to public health facilities is a fundamental right for every citizen. However, according to the "Access to Basic Public Health Facilities Report 2023," Pakistan ranks 154th out of 195 countries worldwide in terms of providing such facilities. In light of these statistics, the services provided by the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation in the field of health can be likened to a shadow in the desert, offering a ray of light in the darkness.

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation's free dispensaries: Bringing quality healthcare to people's doorsteps
Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation established free dispensaries in 2016 with the aim of providing basic health facilities directly to people's homes. The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has established a chain of free dispensaries that extends from Lahore to Islamabad. These free dispensaries are in no way inferior to public and private hospitals, offering comparable standards of care and services.
The free dispensaries of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation are staffed by qualified doctors and paramedical personnel in accordance with the proposed regulations of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. Emphasis is placed on cleanliness in these dispensaries, and all staff members are encouraged to treat patients with courtesy and conduct thorough examinations.
In these free dispensaries, patients are not charged for any services, including treatment, medicines, and necessary tests. The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has established these dispensaries in areas where the local population cannot afford to access government hospitals due to poverty.
The objective behind setting up these free dispensaries is to provide high-quality healthcare facilities to the middle-class population conveniently, right at their doorstep.

The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is offering free healthcare services to hundreds of people daily through its network of 13 dispensaries. As part of its ongoing commitment to expanding this service, the foundation has recently established the 12th free dispensary in the Swami Nagar area of Lahore. Additionally, one dispensary is providing its services in Islamabad.

Free dispensary in Swami Nagar: Filling the healthcare gap

Swami Nagar is situated in Lahore and is home to low-income families who face challenges in accessing medical facilities. These families often bear the burden of relying on government hospitals for their healthcare needs. By establishing a free dispensary in Swami Nagar, the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation aims to alleviate the healthcare burden and provide much-needed medical services to this underserved community.

Swami Nagar is an area in Lahore where low income families reside, facing challenges regarding access to medical facilities. These families often have to rely on overcrowded government hospitals. Considering this situation, the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has taken a positive initiative to address the healthcare needs of the residents of Swami Nagar, Lahore. The foundation has established a free dispensary in the area, aiming to provide the residents with basic and high-quality health facilities.

The residents of Swaminagar are delighted and contented with the humanitarian initiative carried out by the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation. They highly appreciate the efforts and services provided by the foundation's team. The foundation's commitment to saving lives aligns with the belief that saving one person's life is equivalent to saving the entire humanity.By adhering to this principle, the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation takes a leading role in serving those who are suffering.

The ongoing contributions of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation in the field of health are truly remarkable, deserving recognition and acknowledgment. These services are worthy of being commemorated in golden letters, symbolizing their significance and impact on the lives of countless individuals.