Facilitating the release of impoverished prisoners: Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation’s Initiative

Islam ensures the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, prohibiting any actions that infringe upon them. Unfortunately, prisoners, who are a part of society, often do not receive adequate welfare measures at either the public or private level. Within the jails of Pakistan, numerous prisoners endure the hardships of imprisonment despite being involved in minor crimes and serving their sentences.These impoverished inmates are unable to pay fines due to a lack of resources, which prevents their release. Consequently, these individuals spend a significant portion of their lives in prison, causingdistress to their relatives and friends. Recognizing the need for prisoner reform and welfare, the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has undertaken the release of 73 such prisoners from Punjab's jails. These prisoners had completed their sentences but remained incarcerated because they were unable to pay fines. The foundation facilitated their release by paying a total fine of more than 10 crore 15 lakhs.Senior jail officials, along with Foundation CEO Brigadier (Retd) Khalid Basheer and other officers,participated in a ceremony held to mark the prisoners' release. During the occasion, CEO Brigadier(Retd) Khalid Bashir emphasized that Abdul Aleem Khan arranged for the prisoners' release purely out of humanitarianism. He further stated that prisoner release is an important project among the various welfare initiatives of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation.Abdul Aleem Khan holds a compassionate regard for prisoners and believes that if a prisoner has completed their sentence but is unable to pay fines, the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation should take all necessary steps to secure their release. Superintendent Jail Chaudhry Ejaz Asghar mentioned that the foundation has been involved in prisoner release and welfare work or many years.Moreover, he highlighted that if the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation had not provided the funds for these prisoners' release, they would have spent many more years in jail. However, thanks to the foundation's efforts, these prisoners are now free. The released prisoners expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation and Chairman Abdul Aleem Khan, as their release allows them to celebrate Withdrew their families. CEO Brigadier (Retd) Khalid Basheer provided each prisoner with Rs. 15,000 tonsure they could joyfully celebrate Eid with their loved ones.The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is at the forefront of assisting those in need and aims to play aneffective role in the reformation and welfare of prisoners in accordance with Islamic principles. Chairman Abdul Aleem Khan believes that one should condemn crimes, not individuals. It is hoped that theseprisoners, upon their release, will reintegrate into society as productive citizens, while the foundation continues to provide humanitarian services to the people.