March 29, 2023

Begum Naseem Khan Memorial Girls School Final Term Results 2023


It was finally time to announce the Final Term Results 2023 of the marvelous little girls studying at the recently launched educational project of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, Begum Naseem Khan (Memorial) Girls School. This institution aims to provide free quality education to the underprivileged, young girls living near Gawalmandi. It is currently offering classes till grade 3.

A Parent Teacher Meeting was held to announce the Final Term results 2023 of the brilliant students. Each pupil performed exceptionally well and showed immense progress throughout the year. The parents of the bright, teachers warmly welcomed the young girls to have a meeting. Each teacher gave her remarks about each individual student. The teachers were very pleased to meet the parents and share their views.

They even gave advice on how the students can improve and excel in the future. The girls who gained the top three positions in their respective grades were highly praised and their names were mentioned along with their scores on the school white boards. The art teachers were the stars of the function. They showed their wonderful creativity and talent to add color and life to the occasion.

The parents thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and were proud of the hard work shown by their precious children. They were now hopeful for their children’s bright journey ahead. That is the ultimate goal of our school, to instill confidence in the poverty-stricken girls and give their family great hope for a better future. This is just the first step towards a progressive life. We pray for the well-being and prosperity of our shining stars!