Financial Assistant

Distribution of Cheques Among Ten Thousand Poor and Deserving Families

The financial instability, increasing inflation, and high rate of unemployment in Pakistan have made the lives of the citizens truly difficult and miserable. More than 50% of the population is struggling with financial difficulties and cannot even afford to eat two times a day. There is a ray of hope, however. Pakistan does have several social welfare organizations that are working whole-heartedly to assist the poverty-stricken citizens and facilitate them in every way possible. One of these organizations includes The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation which has the core mission of effectively changing the situation of the country by thoroughly helping those in need. Whether it has to deal with education, healthcare, or social welfare, this dynamic organization is playing a versatile role in society. As we look around us, there are numerous families who are struggling due to the deteriorating economic conditions of the country and are finding it very hard to make ends meet.