Free dispensaries in Lahore

Free dispensaries in Lahore treating 50,000 patients monthly

Over 50,000 people are treated for free with quality healthcare services by Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation free dispensaries in Lahore every month.
Our aim is to provide free medication and treatment to everyone who needs.

Quality medical care is everybody’s right. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has also built 9 free dispensaries in Lahore to give free and quality medical care offices to those. Who can’t bear the cost of them? Our dispensaries take into account more than 50000 patients for every month giving clinical offices and free medications.

We have also highly trained doctors. Our dispensaries have likewise experienced and prepared para-clinical staff accessible on location to give fundamental wellbeing offices.

Our dispensaries have also provided health-care facilities and medicines to over 500,000 patients and this number is growing daily.

We are endeavouring to give quality and free medical services in regions of concentrated destitution.

Above all, the Foundation is also running ten (10) Free Dispensaries. Which give free social government assistance clinical administrations and drugs to the individuals. In this way, therefore, Foundation is also running an Orphanage for the young ladies.

Anyway the name of “Apna Ghar“. In this way, which is sans giving Education and Boarding to the orphan girls.

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