Free mEDICAL Dispensaries

The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has founded 9 free medical dispensaries in various poverty-stricken areas of Lahore and 01 each in Islamabad and Sheikhupura. People residing in these areas cannot even afford the basic necessities of life despite working day and night to make ends meet. Therefore, the non-profit organization is providing them with free healthcare facilities and high-quality medicines. The esteemed Brig (Retired) Khalid Bashir is the Project Director. He is assisted by  Dr. Nazar Muhammad, who is the Project Coordinator and Chief Pharmacist. He is heading a team of highly skilled Medical Officers and Paramedical Staff. All these Medical Officers are registered with the Pakistan Medical Commission.

dispensaries are excellent in standard

All these dispensaries provide basic healthcare facilities including free consultation and free medicines. The medicines available in the dispensaries are excellent in standard and are from a mix of multinational companies. These medicines are being taken from PDH, Bosch, GSK, Abbott, Searle, etc., and also from other well-known national companies. All these dispensaries are fully complying with the parameters laid down by the Pakistan Medical Commission.  

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dispensaries' procedure

The procedure is very simple. First, a slip is generated through a computerized system when a patient visits the dispensary. Furthermore, a proper Patient File of each patient is created which contains their previous medical history. The patient’s record is maintained through proficient computerized system. Moreover, each patient undergoes a standard process of check-up in which vital tests are performed including blood pressure and temperature assessments. In case of further need, examination Beds are available for the patients to be examined by the Medical Officers.

Operational Timings

This project is currently catering to the needs of more than 50,000 patients per month, and approximately 500,000 patients annually. So, our underprivileged brethren can now live a carefree life once again without the burden of expensive medicines and treatments hanging over them. No person deserves to be left behind when it comes to basic healthcare facilities. Islam has focused on serving humanity selflessly and we strive to make this ideology a reality for the less fortunate and struggling members of our society.

The timings of these dispensaries are from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.


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