Free Dispensary Opening in Sheikhupura

The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has once again demonstrated its unwavering commitment to serving humanity by establishing a new free dispensary in P.D.H. Laboratories (pvt) Ltd, located in Kot Abdul Malik, Sheikhupura. With a focus on providing essential healthcare facilities to the impoverished citizens in the area, this initiative aims to make a significant difference in the lives of those who need it the most. The Foundation’s dedication, coupled with the support of the community, promises a brighter and healthier future for the underprivileged.

Catering to the Healthcare Needs of the Impoverished
The primary objective of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is to ensure that every individual has access to basic healthcare facilities. Through the newly established free dispensary, a team of highly trained Medical Officers and Paramedical Staff will extend their expertise and care to each patient. Regardless of their financial constraints, the impoverished citizens living in Kot Abdul Malik will now have the opportunity to receive quality medical aid, free of charge.

Auspicious Occasion
On the auspicious occasion of the dispensary’s inauguration, the event commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran and collective prayers, seeking the progress and success of this noble project. The presence of esteemed guests, including Sir Sajjad Ghuman, the Chief Executive Officer of P.D.H. Laboratories (pvt) Ltd, added significance to the event. Brigadier (Retired) Khalid Bashir Khawaja, the CEO of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, provided a comprehensive briefing on the project, emphasizing the organization’s dedication to the well-being and health of the poverty-stricken citizens.

A Beacon of Hope
The Foundation’s initiative has instilled a sense of gratitude among the community members, who are immensely appreciative of the project’s commencement. The provision of free healthcare facilities, coupled with access to the latest medicines, is undoubtedly a life-changing opportunity for these individuals. The Medical Staff, known for their high level of cooperation and responsiveness, will address the concerns and needs of each patient, ensuring their well-being and comfort.

A Prayer for Success
As the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation embarks on this new endeavor, their ultimate aspiration is for this project to bear abundant fruits for fellow countrymen in need. Through collective prayers and the unwavering support of the community, the Foundation remains optimistic about the positive impact it will create. May this initiative serve as a catalyst for progress, spreading hope and healing to the underprivileged, and strengthening the bond of compassion within society.
The establishment of the new free dispensary by the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation marks another milestone in their ongoing effort to serve humanity. By extending free medical aid to the impoverished citizens of Kot Abdul Malik, the Foundation is empowering individuals with access to essential healthcare facilities. With a compassionate and dedicated team of medical professionals, the project promises a transformative experience for those in need. Let us join hands in supporting this noble initiative and pray for its success, as we strive to build a healthier and more inclusive society. Ameen.