Free Health Facilities

Free health Facilities providing in dispensaries in Lahore

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is providing quality free health facilities to the poor. Experienced and skilled doctors, as well as medicines, are also used by reputable companies.

Getting great quality clinical treatment is the privilege of each resident. However, not every person can bear the cost of it. The mission of Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is to help. The penniless and accommodate them. 8 dispensaries are operational under. The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation in the oppressed regions of Lahore.

These dispensaries give free and great quality treatment to oppressed individuals. The specialists working in dispensaries are chosen. As indicated by the qualification standards of Pakistan and the Medical Council. Besides the Para-Medical staff is likewise capable and completely prepared. All the meds kept in the dispensaries are from. The all-around presumed brands. For example Abbott, Bosh, Seral, GSK. Likewise, the records of the relative multitude of patients coming in are electronic.

On the other hand. The entire process of patients examination. Provision of medicines to them is FREE OF COST.
To clarify, AAKF intends to extend the establishment of such dispensaries. In several other needy localities. By the help of Almighty Allah.
However, AAKF Dispensary provides Free health facilities  are staffed. By board-certified physician assistants.

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