Free HEALTH Facilities


Feb 2022

Services Hospital Dialysis Center

Another milestone has been achieved by the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation. The advanced non-profit organization has effectively set-up a dialysis Center in Services Hospital consisting of 36 cutting-edge Dialysis machines imported from Germany for the complete care and convenience of patients suffering from various kidney diseases.

May 2022

Children Hospital Dialysis Center

14 latest and advanced dialysis machines to the Dialysis Center of Children Hospital Lahore

Apr 2019

AAKF Hospital

Jail reforms through infrastructure up-gradation and provision of basic health facilities. 

Nov 2016

Free Dispensaries

11 dispensaries to provide free health facilities and quality health-care facilities to those who cannot afford.

May 2016

Water Filtration Plants

Over 105 water filtration plants have been installed in different underdeveloped areas of Punjab supplies thousands of liters of clean and healthy drinking water daily.



Shaukat Khanum Hospital

Made generous donations for hospital and provided financial assistance to the patients.