March 8, 2022

Inauguration of Begum Naseem Khan (Memorial) Girls School

Education is the basic right of every human being and no one should be denied access to it. It is especially important for young girls to receive a satisfactory level of education as they are the mothers of the future and play a part in developing a child’s personality. That is why the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is taking the necessary steps to grant education to those girls of the nation that are living in poverty.

Another successful educational project has been launched by this progressive organization. The founder of this organization, Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan has established a school for girls in honor of his late mother. The school has been named after the great lady. This institution has been given the name “Begum Naseem Khan (Memorial) Girls School” and is situated in Gawalmandi at the site of Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan’s ancestral home. It is certainly good news for the people living nearby as the school will offer free education to young girls.

This brand new project was inaugurated by Mrs. Abdul Aleem Khan herself. On this grand occasion of the opening of the new school, Mrs. Abdul Aleem Khan visited the different sections of this institution. The principal of the school even gave her a briefing on this educational project. A motivational speech was given by Mrs. Abdul Aleem Khan in which she encouraged the female students to excel further in life and repeatedly ensured them of the commitment to facilitate them in every way possible. We wish this new project all the best.