Kafalat Program

Political unpredictability is making Pakistan's economy worse every day, and as a result, inflation is growing faster and faster. The majority of families are struggling financially. It is true that this is a highly concerning issue, and we must all take proactive measures to support our fellow citizens.

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation launched "Kafalat Program" to help those needing assistance in light of the challenging economic times. Wealthy people have an obligation to assist the poor during hard times because serving others is the highest form of worship.

Kafalat program is divided into three parts.


Ration support

During the program's first phase 15,000 low-income households receive monthly financial support to enable them to buy monthly rations without facing any financial hardships.

Family Support

Families without a source of income and going through extremely trying times are provided with a monthly stipend in the second phase of the program. The foundation staff visited the homes of these individuals to deliver the cheques at the behest of Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan Sahib, the organization's founder. The foundation team's poll has been used to identify these families.

CEO Foundation Brigadier (Retd) Khalid Bashir Khawaja personally visited the houses of these impoverished individuals, he offered them hope that the Foundation is there to support them at this trying time.


The third phase of the program is providing financial assistance to those people who have no source of income but are skilled and educated to earn for themselves and support their families. We are encouraging them to start their own businesses with the financial assistance provided by the Foundation.

During this trying time, the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is assisting them in getting back on their feet. We are supporting them in whatever manner we can during their time of need. It is said that worship leads to heaven, but service leads to God

May Allah grant us the ability to always follow the straight path and give us the courage to help as many people as possible. To play a role in bringing positive changes in their lives. May Allah make our efforts fruitful. Amen