Kot Lakhpat Jail

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation’s Contribution to Prisoner Rehabilitation


After water and food, access to proper medical treatment plays a crucial role in sustaining human life. Unfortunately, the prison population often remains overlooked and underserved in terms of healthcare services. However, Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has taken up the responsibility to address this critical issue and strives to create a positive impact on the lives of prisoners. One remarkable example of foundation’s efforts is the transformative work carried out at the Kot Lakhpat Jail Hospital.

Enhanced Facilities for Prisoners

Abdul Aleem Khan transformed the dilapidated Kot Lakhpat Jail hospital by providing essential facilities and extensive decorations through his foundation. In addition to adding modern amenities to the wards, the government hospital in Kot Lakhpat was renovated to provide the best medical care to the prisoners, whereas, the main mosque was also adorned. Additionally, he installed water systems for cold water and air coolers to protect the inmates from the heat.

Release of prisoners

The foundation also paid fines totaling almost four million rupees to secure the release of convicts who had completed their full sentences but remained in jail due to unpaid fines. This effort made their release possible and feasible.

The Mission of Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation

The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is driven by a mission to uplift and support marginalized sections of society who often lack access to their entitled facilities. With this guiding philosophy, Abdul Aleem Khan has taken significant steps to alleviate the hardships faced by prisoners.