Mayo Hsopital Dialysis Center

According to a groundbreaking new study, a staggering 22 million individuals in Pakistan are currently grappling with renal issues. What’s even more troubling is that out of this vast population, approximately 22,000 people are diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) annually. These eye-opening statistics shed light on the urgent need for increased awareness, proactive healthcare measures, and effective interventions to combat this growing crisis.


The statistics surrounding the prevalence of diabetes, blood pressure, and their poor control paint a grim picture. As a result, the burden of kidney diseases among the local population has skyrocketed. With these alarming numbers, affected individuals are holding onto hope that the government will finally take notice and prioritize the urgent need for improved healthcare infrastructure.


Renal replacement therapy (RRT) is a vital treatment option for individuals with renal diseases, but it comes at a significant cost. The equipment and materials required for RRT are often expensive, placing a considerable burden on both patients and healthcare systems. Unfortunately, many people affected by renal diseases lack the necessary financial resources to afford these life-saving treatments.


In light of these pressing challenges, the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has stepped forward as an advanced non-profit organization dedicated to making a positive impact. Recognizing the dire need to alleviate the burden on both the government and individuals with limited resources, the foundation has taken proactive measures.


One such initiative is the establishment of a state-of-the-art dialysis center within Mayo Hospital. Equipped with 36 cutting-edge dialysis machines imported from Germany, this center aims to provide comprehensive care and convenience to patients suffering from various kidney diseases.


By ensuring access to advanced technology and top-notch medical facilities, the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is making significant strides in improving the lives of individuals in need. Through their commitment and compassion, they are setting an inspiring example for others to follow in the quest for a healthier and more equitable society.



The announcement of free, first-class treatment for kidney patients is undeniably fantastic news. Thanks to the generous efforts of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, individuals suffering from kidney-related ailments will now have access to top-notch medical care without any financial burden.


This milestone achievement promises to bring relief to kidney patients and their families, as they can now look forward to receiving the treatment they desperately need, knowing that it will be of the utmost standard and entirely free of cost.




Our unwavering commitment to serving humanity in our homeland remains steadfast, and the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation continues to tirelessly pursue avenues to make a positive impact. The foundation is at the forefront of delivering progressive services in vital sectors such as education and healthcare, extending its support to those in need.


The foundation has taken a significant step forward by establishing a state-of-the-art, two-story dialysis ward that will serve as a beacon of hope for countless patients. The ward will be equipped with cutting-edge facilities, ensuring that the appointed doctors and nurses have all the necessary tools at their disposal to deliver the highest quality of care.


Moreover, the foundation has shown remarkable dedication in providing assistance during times of natural disasters, demonstrating its holistic approach to humanitarian work.

The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is now poised to provide crucial medical aid to thousands of dialysis patients, a groundbreaking initiative that holds immense promise for improving their quality of life. As the inauguration ceremony of this remarkable project approaches, we offer our prayers and well wishes for its future success. May this brand-new dialysis ward become a beacon of hope and healing, transforming the lives of countless individuals in need.








Following the inauguration of the new dialysis center at Mayo Hospital in Lahore, the Foundation dedicated its efforts to revamping the Emergency Ward situated within the Department of Nephrology. The noteworthy accomplishment included the successful provision of six state-of-the-art dialysis machines, which marked a significant improvement in patient care.

The Mayo Hospital rejoiced in this transformative development, recognizing its profound impact on the treatment of individuals in need. The customary ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to commemorate the occasion, graced by the esteemed presence of Brigadier (Retired) Khalid Bashir, the CEO of the Foundation.

The launch of this remarkable project witnessed the cheerful presence of senior management, accomplished doctors, and dedicated staff, all united in their commitment to enhancing healthcare services.