September 19, 2022

Medical Camp In Flood Affected Areas

Medical Camp

Pakistan has faced the most catastrophic floods this year, ruining the lives of millions of people nationwide. In this time of crisis, The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is fulfilling its responsibility thoroughly to provide relief to the flood victims and restore their lives back to normal.

Health is one of the most essential factors, and without it, one can not even perform the simplest of tasks. That is why this dynamic organization has set up a medical camp under the supervision of qualified doctors. The purpose of this camp is to provide medical aid to the flood victims. Each patient goes through a proper check up by the trained doctor and he prescribes the medicine accordingly. All medicines are of high quality and are provided free of cost.

This medical camp was much needed to treat the flood victims who were suffering from diseases and could not afford the medications required. The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is proud to be serving our brothers and sisters of the nation in this grave disaster. We pray for their better future. May they be able to return to their normal lives with time. Ameen.