The time had come to announce the Mid Term Result of the students of Apna Ghar. The Chief Guest of the event was the Chair Person of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, Mrs. Kiran Abdul Aleem Khan. She was accompanied by the Project Director of Apna Ghar, Colonel (Retired) Masood ul Haq. They both were greeted by the students at the entrance of the school. Our girls presented them bouquets of fresh flowers and the teachers gladly welcomed their arrival.

For this reason, a special ceremony was held in the school. A Spelling Bee Competition was also arranged on the same day to make the event more engaging and fun for all. The occasion began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by narration of Naat. Then, everyone stood up in respect for the National Anthem.

The students who showed outstanding performances in the Mid-Term Session were recognized for their efforts and were awarded with prizes. During the Spelling Bee competition, the students were divided into two teams, Team A and Team B. Each team exhibited their spelling skills and the audience enjoyed this activity a lot. The team with the most correct spellings came out winning and was applauded by the audience for its concentration and hard work.


The event concluded with a speech by both the Chief Guest and Project Director. Both of them appreciated the performances and efforts of all the brilliant students who participated in the ceremony. The Chief Guest expressed his delight in seeing the students’ hard work paying off and thanked them for their dedication and commitment to their education. Both the guests motivated them to work even harder to overcome any obstacle in their lives. We pray that our girls receive all the happiness and success that they truly deserve. Ameen.