May 28, 2019


Apna Ghar is only an Orphan House for orphan children in Pakistan. It provides not only shelter. Consequently, we provide best quality education with high qualified staff.


Every religion and progressive societies have put an emphasis on the need and right to education of women, in other words, this is considered to be an important aspect of development of a society. So, to get an education in Pakistan, That is to say, women has to face many social hindrances along with the issues related to finance, Therefore, it is our responsibility to provide such under-privileged but competent girls with education.


Abdul Aleem khan has initiated a project with the name of APNA GHAR. Above all, It provides the educational facilities to girls with dreams since February 2011. Firstly, were only 8 girls in the initial days of this orphan house. Subsequently, secondly, right now the number has crossed 87. Most importantly, the girls have an access to all the facilities, in addition, that financially stable families try to provide to their girls. In the same vein, the house where the girls reside is situated in a posh and safe area of Lahore. For instance, the rooms are spacious with the facility of air conditioners and heaters. The girls are given with nutritious food and the clothes that are according to the weather and latest trends. On the other hand, there is a proper health care facility available as well to treat them in case of an unfortunate injury.


To clarify, the school working under this project provides free and quality education from nursery till metric. On the other hand, our campus is fully furnished with airy rooms, and latest computer labs. The teachers are fully qualified as well. After that, the girls are taught on individual levels as well that definitely increase the level of learning. To sum up, the girls on the completion of secondary education are sent to well reputed institutes for higher education on the expenses of foundation.


With good education, Apna ghar teaches moral values, some very useful skills like cooking, stitching etc, in short, we provide basic facility of work. That may help them to spend a good married life as well. Girls often visit different places for enjoyment so that, they won’t get bored of same routine. The life of these girls is not lesser to any girl, in the same vein, who is lucky enough to enjoy everything with her parents in her own home.


Regular check-ups are essential as it helps to find potential health issues before they become a problem. Moreover, they also offer a thorough overview of one’s health. A team of Doctors visited the Apna Ghar today for a routine checkup of all the students. At Apna Ghar, we ensure that our students remain fit and healthy. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation