February 13, 2023

Providing Jails with Personal Hygiene Products

Personal Hygiene Products

It is a very unfortunate situation in our country that not much attention is given to the welfare and rights of prisoners. They need to be treated with dignity as they are human beings too. Moreover, they deserve equal human rights even if they are kept in jails. Coming towards a very serious issue that needs to be addressed, the standards of cleanliness in jails of Pakistan are deplorable and the prisoners also don’t have the facilities required for taking care of their personal hygiene. Thus, these terrible hygiene conditions have a great impact on the health of the prisoners. Just imagine having to survive each and every day in these circumstances!

Keeping this alarming problem in mind, the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has taken a huge step to distribute personal hygiene products to the jails of the province. The organization is currently providing supplies related to cleanliness and healthcare worth hundred thousands of rupees to more than 24 jails in the province. It include soaps, tooth brushes, tooth pastes, laundry soaps, razors, and personal hygiene products for women. All these cleanliness products are sent to the jails after every two months. Accordingly, These products are handed over to the superintendent of the respected jail.

Main purpose of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is to assist the impoverished and needy people of our nation in every way possible. Furthermore, the dynamic organization actively takes part in helping those who need it the most. Allah Almighty gives us the opportunity to serve him by serving humanity. Prisoners also deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. May Allah make our efforts fruitful and help raise awareness for the human rights of prisoners. Ameen.