Ration Distribution

Ration Distribution to the Gypsies

There is no denying that serving humanity is the highest form of worship of Allah Almighty and a society can only prosper if it caters to the needs of the less fortunate people. After all, no person can live in isolation. We need the love and care of others to get through in life and ease our worries. Similarly, The impoverished people of our society are fighting a battle every day, and with the alarming increase in inflation, it is nearly impossible to sustain a suitable means of living. That is why, the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has stepped forward to eradicate these issues and as always, the dynamic organization has distributed ration boxes to the gypsies.

The Holy month of Ramadan has arrived with its blessings and serenity. As always, our dynamic organization has arranged the distribution of ration boxes to the homeless so that they can continue their daily activities easily. We want to relieve the tension of the needy people of our society and make sure that they spend this Holy month happily with their beloved families.

Ration Distribution

Our Foundation annually distributes ration boxes in this blessed month and this year is no different. In fact, the homeless families need our support more than ever. Hence, we are proud to announce that we have distributed more than 1500 ration boxes worth hundred thousands of rupees to the homeless families of Lahore. The CEO of the Foundation, Brigadier (Retired) Khalid Bashir supervised this scheme himself. He personally distributed the ration boxes to the needy families. Moreover, he was accompanied by his team to fulfill this righteous obligation. The sole purpose of this act was to fulfill the basic needs of the poverty-stricken social class so that no person goes hungry at the time of Sehr or Iftar and they are not distracted from fulfilling the religious duties of this Holy month.

These carefully designed ration boxes included basic necessities such as rice, wheat flour, oil, sugar, pulses, and other eatables. It was indeed a reward in itself to see the smiles on the faces of the people. They were very grateful to the Foundation for taking this amazing step and prayed for its success. May Allah bless everyone in this Holy month and forgive our sins. Ameen.

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