Welfare Activities in Central (Adiala) Jail, Rawalpindi

The Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has always stayed true to the mission of serving humanity, even those people who have been kept behind bars. Like many jails in Pakistan, the advanced organization has played an important role in improving the condition of Central (Adiala) Jail, Rawalpindi.

Some of the major social welfare contributions include the complete renovation of the hospital of the jail. The Foundation renovated four wards of the hospital and provided new beds.

Even the washrooms of the hospital were rebuilt to enhance the sanitary conditions.

Four prison cells and attached washrooms have been repaired and the work is in progress for the rest of the four prison cells.

There was complete renewal of the stairs and handrails for safety have been erected.

Moreover, the kitchen of the jail was also given due attention. The Foundation has completely reconstructed it for creating a clean environment for all the prisoners and working staff.

The organization also took care of the availability of clean drinking water by installing three brand new water filtration plants for the jail staff and prisoners while also setting up two separate water filtration plants for the colony affiliated with the jail.

Toiletry items such as soap, toothpaste, pampers for children, and shampoo, etc. were also supplied to fulfill the basic needs of both men and women and improve the hygienic conditions.

Also, there was a complete revamp of the office corridor of the jail. 

We hope to keep on assisting those who are in need in the best way possible.

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