September 2, 2021

Vocational Trainings for Apna Ghar Students

Apna Ghar

Vocational training is given to the girls in “Apna Ghar School” keeping in view the better and empowered future of the girls.

About Apna Ghar:

Apna Ghar is an independent, non-governmental, social development organization. We has been providing quality education since 2011. ‘The Mission’ works in an array of areas. Including education, but its primary focus is the care and protection of orphaned children.

Apna Ghar’s history is one of great adventures, overcoming huge odds and, most importantly, love. We also rarely hear a story like ours. Hence, some might find parts of it hard to believe. But we also assure you. It is all true. It was founded in February 2011 by Abdul Aleem Khan and his wife, Mrs. Aleem Khan. Through this, the practical needs of orphaned children are also being met with a “hands-on” approach.