Water Filtration Plant Setup in Sheikhupura

The dynamic Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation always plans new and improved strategies to serve humanity in the best way possible. We had observed that the unavailability of clean drinking water was the cause of major health problems among the impoverished citizens residing in Kot Abdul Malik, Sheikhupra. Keeping this serious situation in mind, the non-profit organization has setup an up-to-date water filtration plant in P.D.H. Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd. Through installation of this latest facility, the needy citizens will have access to clean and pure drinking water. Surely, this will make life easier for them as it is a basic need for humanity to survive.

In honor of this modern project, a small occasion was held within the building of P.D.H. Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd in which the C.E.O of the organization, Mr. Sajjad Ghuman attended as the Chief Guest. The C.E.O. of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, Brigadier (Retired) Khalid Bashir Khawaja gave a briefing on the project. He demonstrated the proper working of the water filtration plant and ensured that everything was in order. Even Mr. Sajjad himself drank a glass of water from the filtration plant and commended of the efforts of the foundation. He cheerfully thanked the team of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation for their sincere contributions to the area. In the end, collective prayers were offered for the success of the project.

We truly hope to bring about a positive change in the lives of those needy people of the concerned area who were struggling before for obtaining clean drinking water. May Allah Almighty ease their hardships and grant them a healthy life. Ameen.

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