November 27, 2020

Water Filtration Plants in Lahore

Water filteration plants in Lahore

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has built over 70 water filtration plants across the poverty-stricken areas in Lahore that provide more than 150,000 litres of pure and healthy drinking water every month. The quality of water is regularly checked through certified water testing labs.

Clean drinking water is a basic right. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation strives to provide such facilities for free to anyone who needs it.

Clean water is a rising issue, particularly in neediness stricken regions. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation introduced its first water filtration in 2016. Until this point, the Foundation has introduced more than 70 water filtration plants in various immature and encompassing zones of Lahore which gracefully a normal of 150,000 liters spotless and sound water day by day.

Our mission is to provide safe drinking water to as many people as possible.

Safe and healthy water is a need of each resident however lamentably in Pakistan. In any case, an oppressed individual can’t manage the cost of filtered water. It is an incredible test for them to get unadulterated drinking water. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation additionally having its impact in handling this test.

The foundation has installed 70 latest and international standard water filtration plants in the most downtrodden areas of Lahore,