September 25, 2018



Aleem Khan Foundation has installed tube wells and Water filtration plants in Lahore. That are accessible to the staff and all the patients at the General Hospital Lahore.
That is to say, these filtration plant and tube wells have been used. However, The attendants of the patients as well.
In other words, 60 PLUS WALTER FILTRATION PLANTS have been installed in NA122. To provide clean drinking water in different union councils of NA122,


Safe and healthy water is a need of every citizen but unfortunately in Pakistan. An underprivileged person is not able to afford bottled water. It is a great challenge for them to get pure drinking water. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is playing its part in tackling this challenge.

The foundation has installed 60+ latest and international standard water filtration plants in the most downtrodden areas of Lahore. With a capacity of providing 324000 liters of potable water per day. These filtration plants are cleaned every day and apart from annual maintenance. The foundation also ensures the quarterly lab tests of the water samples of these plants. Such measures distinguish. These filtration plants from the ones installed by the government and ensure. The availability of safe drinking water for thousands of people.


However the name of “Apna Ghar”. Which is providing free Education and Boarding As a result.
facilities to the Orphanage girls. 
Aleem Khan. On the other hand, We (Therefore, as a result, so, consequently) continuously makes
financial contributions to the Health and Education sector by making donations
to various educational institutions and health care institutes. For instance: Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, INMOL, Ghurki
Hospital, NAMAL University, Rising Sun Institute, DHA and Mughalpura Campus.