Rising Sun Institute

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation established a new branch of Rising Sun institute in Mughal Pura named after Abdur Rahim Khan, father of Abdul Aleem Khan. The non-profit organization is a major donor of the Rising Sun Institute, DHA Campus. The Rising Sun Institute works for the educational and social improvement of the special children of the society. Each special child is given the attention and care that they require and rightfully deserve. 

Special Care For Special Children

Moreover the children are trained in such a way that they develop and prosper both physically and mentally. The special children of our society have the right to be treated equally among the average children.

rising sun school

Purpose Build Institute Infrastructure

All the expenses of the Rising Sun Institute are borne by the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation which are approximately 2 to 2.5 million per month. Furthermore, speech therapy, Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, and other therapeutic facilities are readily available. The staff, teachers, and doctors are also highly qualified and are dedicated to help the special children whichever way they can. After every 6 months, the health and progress of the special children is evaluated. The institute also has a hydrotherapy pool, management center, and a modern gymnasium.

Vocational Training

The special children are certainly no less than their normal counterparts in terms of their capability and skills. The Institute also offers vocational training. After the process has been completed, the special students are even offered jobs by the institute.

rising sun skilled workshop

Education Updates